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CuddleBug understands the need for safe, adorable, ultra-high quality products, which are still easily affordable on a family budget.

CuddleBug’s company philosophy is rather unusual in today’s baby marketplace. The age old idea that high quality products must be expensive, is a concept the founder of CuddleBug questioned from a young age.

CuddleBug Philosophy.

As his two sisters gave birth to their first children, John was shocked to discover the absurdly high prices for baby carriers, muslin swaddles, and other accessories necessary for new mothers. Living in China for years gave John a unique understanding of the actual costs of these items, and he couldn’t understand why retail prices were 4-10 times the cost of what they should be.

CuddleBug Premium Baby Products

CuddleBug understands the need for safe, adorable, ultra-high quality products, which are still easily affordable on a family budget

Premium Products

Extreme value for money is our mantra, and CuddleBug is so sure of its quality, it offers a Lifetime Guarantee on all products. At a 20-50% price discount to other leading brands, it’s no wonder CuddleBug is one of the fastest growing baby companies in the world.

CuddleBug Helping Parents be The Best Parents they Can Be!

Our wraps and swaddles are the best that you can offer your precious baby.

Here's Why

Snug and Soft – Our baby wraps are made of a cotton spandex blend which is as soft as cashmere, and has just enough stretch to keep your baby snug as a CuddleBug. Our Swaddles are made of an ultra high quality, super soft Muslin Cotton that allows your baby to remain cool, while it’s comfortably swaddled all night long.
Absorbent – You and your baby will be comfortable, and dry due to the moisture wicking characteristics of all our material.
Temperature Intelligent – Our wraps insulate your little one and keep him/her warm in the winter and cool in summers. Our swaddles allow your baby to remain cool while he/she sleeps with our breathable muslin cotton, yet keep warm enough to sleep.
Lifetime Guarantee – All the materials used in our CuddleBug products are incredibly strong and durable, making us confident enough to guarantee all our products for a lifetime.
Green – Our wraps and swaddles are not just sustainable and eco-friendly but are also naturally hypoallergenic.
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Our products are eco-friendly and hypo-allergenic.

I had a question and it was answered within hours. They were helpful in placing my order and the ship time was excellent. The wrap is made well and priced right. I love this wrap and love how it works with my new baby – It’s great having her close and comfy. She’s my 4th baby and I wish I would have had this with the other three.
Carmen Rodriguez - Mom