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Best investment with 2nd child

The wrap is easy to use and transport! It is the best item I’ve purchased for my 2nd child!

Brittany Hutchinson

Can’t stop smiling

I was so pleased when I opened the package. The material was so soft and pleasing to the touch. When I gave it to my daughter she was so excited. She said it was exactly what she had wanted. My grandson loves it too. He just snuggled in and went fast asleep.

Thank you so much for such wonderful product.

Jessica Ali

Love it

I got this wrap after a friend of mine recommended it. I wasn’t sure if I was going to like it but I love it. My son loves it. When he gets over tired and fussy I put him in there and he calms down and usually falls asleep. It’s very comfortable for me and him. It’s easy to tie on and easy to put baby in it. I love how I can feel how secure it is. Being able to get housework done when he just wants mommy to hold him is another amazing thing. I haven’t found one thing that I don’t like. My little guy is actually sleeping in it as I type this.

Erin Kang

Excellent Quality

I purchased this wrap not knowing what to expect, and I must say I am very pleased with the quality. It’s excellent and I am happy

Alexandra Godinez

Better than Boba

I bought the Boba wrap and washed too many times (I guess), then bought the Cuddlebug to replace it. I am so impressed. This color is gorgeous, and the fabric is so much more comfortable. It feels more secure, I don’t know why, must be the way it stretches, and the way the better quality fabric grips itself. No floppy-baby problems this time around!

Samantha Hadden

Fantastic Baby Wrap!

I bought this baby wrap for my wife, and we both absolutely LOVE IT. I would buy it again in a heartbeat

Jane Cantres

I have never bought or

I have never bought or used a wrap before. I’ve always used the clip and strap method. I love this wrap. It’s soft, with enough stretch. I’ve put the wrap on my children and husband–they all agree it’s very comfy. I bought this before I delivered so my poor shi-tzhu puppy is our Guinea Pig–even he enjoys being wrapped up in it. Can’t wait to use it on our baby!

Maggie Stone

Awesome wrap!!

Great for newborns and 3m olds love this wrap. Soft easy to use my son loves it!! The only wrap I can sit it.!!

Jennifer Leach

Prefer it to competition

CuddleBug is amazing! Just got my order and I couldn’t be happier! I’ve spent a lot of $$ on baby products over the years that have been a complete waste of money, but CuddleBug is worth every penny.

Sylvia Contreras

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