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“Starry Nights” Muslin Swaddles

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With our “Starry Nights” 4 Pack of Muslin Swaddles you’ll enjoy:

The SAFEST – Free of zippers, ties, snaps, and buttons, our swaddles are baby proof and fully adjustable! Nothing to come loose, nothing to scratch tender skin in the night. Give your baby the much-needed rest he or she deserves!

The SOFTEST – Our 100% Muslin Cotton fabric is extremely luxurious and soft, and it continues to get softer the more you wash it. Ideal for use on baby soft skin. Our Cotton is also breathable, promoting a deep, comfortable sleep for your baby and preventing overheating.

The BIGGEST – Our Swaddle Blankets are 4 x 4 ft! These blankets are more than large enough to swaddle a baby, in fact, they are almost large enough to cover your entire bed. These blankets are perfect for swaddling a larger baby with lots of extra room making swaddling a piece of cake. The large size makes these swaddle blankets useable for long after the newborn period.

The most VERSATILE – Not only can these be used as swaddle blankets, but they can easily be used as pram covers, picnic blankets, light blankets, changing blankets, cleaning blankets etc. They are a versatile gift for any new mother.

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Black, Blue, Gray, Pink

5 out of 5

The large size gives some extra fabric to work with which helps me to swaddle my daughter so that she can’t kick it apart as easily

We use these daily. The large size gives some extra fabric to work with which helps me to swaddle my daughter so that she can’t kick it apart as easily. And the fabric is soft and versatile. It is a swaddle cloth, a blanket, a burp cloth…it is whatever I need it to be and has held up well after numerous washings.

5 out of 5

Perfect weight for summer or any weather (you adjust what…

Perfect weight for summer or any weather (you adjust what you have baby wearing), these are big enough to swaddle our taller-than-average 3mo who by 2mo was too tall for all of his other blankets but still needs to be swaddled to get a good night’s sleep or nap. He still manages to get his arms out of these if he’s determined to, but he doesn’t kick out of them

5 out of 5

Buy buy buy !!!

This was a life saver! Our newborn was larger (8 pounds 10 ounces and 21.75″) and basically could not be swaddled by most blankets (30×30). I swore he was born the HULK. So, we opted for this and what a difference! Our first week home was hell on wheels until the package arrived-I should have ordered them sooner but failed to do so because family members promised they already had some for me which happened not to be the same quality. The blankets are nice and long, breathable, stretchy, cute, comfortable and soft. Wish they were a little cheaper but worth every penny!

5 out of 5

Adorable, hardy and useful

I’ve bought several of these. They stand up to a lot of use and washing and then more use. I keep coming back for more for gifts, and I keep finding more uses for them. As far as quality, you get what you pay for. My babies love to be swaddled in these. I have also used them for shields from the sun while they are sleeping in various places, and even temporary curtains (with the help of some binder clips.) I even use some of the older ones for my small dog – either as bedding or as a cover for her crate to provide shade in the sun.

5 out of 5

Best swaddling blankets out there!

I love these blankets!! These are the best swaddling/multi-use blankets…much better than the smaller receiving blankets out there. The large size makes it easy to get a good swaddle with any technique. I bought these to swaddle my 8 weeks old and she’s been sleeping so much better with these! I’ve had them a couple of weeks and they’ve been the only blankets I’ve used since buying them. The prints are adorable, and they’re so soft. I’ll be using them daily way beyond the swaddling phase! A new baby must-have!!

5 out of 5

I love these things…

I love these things. They are very beautiful. No red stars as mentioned in previous reviews. They are soft and sturdy but thin enough to go under a swaddle me. I can use them for my baby for a long time because they are very large. I will probably bring them with us for other things once she can no longer be swaddled.