Swaddling Safety

Practice Swaddling Safety Tips


Don’t Swaddle the baby too tightly. Make sure to leave some room for the baby to move naturally.

“Hands over Heart” sleeping position. Make sure to place the baby’s arms over his or her chest when swaddling.

Please make sure to use a swaddle blanket that won’t unravel easily and cover the baby’s face.

Don’t over swaddle or Double Swaddle a Baby. This practice might suffocate the baby and not allow natural movement.

Don’t dress baby in too many layers before swaddling.

When baby begins to develop the strength to roll by itself, it’s time to start transitioning into free arms sleep.


1 Swaddle, 6 ways to use it!


+1 Burp Cloths

Our swaddle blankets also function as a burp cloth that offers maximum coverage. The breathable, soft muslin keeps your baby comfortable for as long as it takes you to get the unexpected burp. It’s also great to have on hand to help in those messy situations when you need to wipe up spills and spit ups.

+2 Belly Blanket

Give your baby space to explore. Your baby will always be kept safe and comfortable, while he or her is able to take their first steps, but before that tumbles and crawling will have to do!

+3 Nursing Cover

Our muslin can double as a nursing cover; however, we also have a muslin baby nursing cover built specially for on the go mom.

+4 Cover

Staying out of the sun is very important for babies. Our baby wraps can help cover your baby while on the stroller, creating the perfect shade and conditions so he or she can slumber.

+5 Changing Table Cover

Our muslin is machine washable and can certainly be used in tables and any other surfaces when you need to change your baby.

+6 Swaddling

The best baby swaddles are lightweight muslin cotton swaddles, as these reduce the risk of overheating, they’re incredibly soft, and they last a lifetime. It’s likely your baby won’t require other bedding whilst wearing a swaddle, even with the most delicate and lightweight muslin swaddle.

Muslin Swaddles

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