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Baby Wrap A Perfect Gift For A Baby Shower

Baby Wrap A Perfect Gift For A Baby Shower
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A friend is having a baby and you’re wondering what on earth you can get her for the baby. Just what is that perfect gift? Or… you’re the lucky mum to be and your friends are asking you what you’d like. Any mom that’s done it will tell you that the most precious gift you can receive, after your baby of course, is a “wearable baby”.

Once upon a time the only way your baby could accompany you anywhere was either carried in your arms, or in a baby wrap sling. Prams and strollers didn’t exist for pretty much all of time! After the advent of sexy strollers, it was easy to forget about the baby wrap, a simple, understated, long piece of fabric that wraps around you and provides the perfect spot to pop your baby for safekeeping and convenience.

Carrying a baby in a sling or something similar against the body is not a new concept; the women in many indigenous cultures have been doing versions of it for centuries. American Indian women for instance carried their babies in a papoose. Mums in Papua New Guinea carry their young babies in a colorful hand woven string bag on their back. In many countries a sling carrier that ties over one shoulder and carries the baby on the opposite hip is used. They’re all variations upon a simple theme; remaining as close as possible to your baby, while freeing your arms and hands to get on with other necessary bits of your life. We don’t know who invented baby wearing, and certainly not the baby wrap carrier, but whomever it was has made the lives of millions of mothers worldwide easier, happier, and much more convenient!

Somehow, women in many western countries seem to have forgotten about the natural habit of baby wearing. They’ve been seduced into the habit of using prams and strollers instead. Sure a stroller has it’s place in the world, a day at Disneyland is far to long to carry your baby! We love strollers, don’t get us wrong, but the bonding shared with your baby literally tied to your chest, is one experience you simply can’t miss out on.

So if you’re looking for that absolutely perfect gift for a mum to be, or if you’re the mum to be and can’t figure out what you want, a baby wrap has to be right at the top of the list. At CuddleBug we have a range of top quality baby wrap slings, all with a lifetime guarantee, that will make the perfect gift for any expecting mother.

Muslin Baby Swaddles: Another Great Baby Shower Gift Idea

Another ideal gift for a baby shower is our famous 4 Pack of Muslin Cotton Baby Swaddles. Swaddling is another timeless mothering technique, one that has been done for centuries. Ancient swaddling however, was conducted for very different reasons than we swaddle newborn infants for today. Babies were originally very tightly swaddled to ensure their limbs grew straight and it was generally not a very nice experience for the baby. These days, swaddling is a much kinder, softer practice, and is done to sooth, lull, and comfort an infant to sleep. Swaddling a baby restricts their motion, and by keeping them still and confined, it reminds them of the womb, their first home. This allows them to calm down, relax, and drift off into a blissful sleep.

Swaddling a baby is very simple, but it does require a bit of instruction. You or the mum you gift our swaddles to can follow our how to video on YouTube. 

Just make sure once you’re finished that your swaddled baby is lying on their back and can’t roll over onto their stomach, or pull other bedding over their face. Another danger with swaddling is overheating, when mothers use swaddles that are too heavy or thick. With CuddleBug swaddles this is a non-issue, as our muslin cotton swaddles are breathable, lightweight, and cool for even the warmest babies. They’re also super easy to wash, maintain, and they even come with a lifetime guarantee! Did someone say best baby shower gift ever?



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