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Genius Halloween Ideas for Parents with Baby Carriers

Genius Halloween Ideas for Parents with Baby Carriers
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 Still savoring the season of our beloved pumpkin spice latte, October 31st is already upon us, and everyone is thinking about only one thing- Halloween!

Halloween is at the door; Halloween is knocking; Halloween is coming in…so bad if you’re not prepared. With just a day to go, you can bet…Halloween is all that matters. You read the signs on the street, you see it on TV, you hear about it at work, and of course, you see it online. The news is everywhere and it just gets hotter every minute.

There are not many occasions in the year that can get you filled on both hands. Halloween is definitely one you can't miss out on. So, if you’ve not started planning already, now is a perfect time to arrange a costume that will make a big splash. It doesn't matter whether it looks thought inspiring, hilarious, mysterious, scary or super hot, as long as it's a double-take, you shouldn't mind.

Normalcy is definitely not fashionable in a time like this, and if your costume doesn't get any attention or trigger some conversations, then you never really planned for Halloween.

But then, what if you have a little bundle around and still want to parade on the fright night? Isn't he too young to go trick-or-treating?

To the second question, the answer is obvious. To the first, I say, it's your call! Even though bub might not be old enough to go trick-or-treating, it doesn't mean he should miss out on the spookiest night of the year.

Here's what you don't know- Halloween is actually twice the delight when you've got a babysitter to team up with. However, you may also find it a bit challenging choosing a clever costume that comes with a comfortable carrier for your gorgeous pumpkin.

From adorable little Yodas to cute ETs, to luxurious peapods, to spooky sharks and sloths, you will be amazed at the huge number of fabulous baby carrier costume ideas on display at the moment for babywearing moms and dads.

Here are the top creations by savvy parents which are undeniably genius.


Popcorn Magic

Transform your gorgeous tot into some hot buttered popcorn and begin to "feast" on the delicious babe. Don't worry, you won't actually be eating any hair on the pumpkin or the costume itself...it's just a silly way to show off your longing for a movie theatre or cinema. But then you would rather be with your little bundle of joy.

Whatever you do, don't get peckish, not even a bit, not when you have bub strapped to your chest as a box of buttered popcorn. And please don't be carried away when you start hearing stuffs like, "He looks so yummy! Can I eat some?"

Remember it's your little tot in there.


Walking Dead

Nasty? Yes. Astonishing, witty costume? Absolutely! However, expect a mixed reaction and some funny looks from strangers, because only the brave can stand the sight of a gore-some walking dead.

But then, it's a fright night...who cares! After all, it's not every time one gets to see a brain-thirsty zombie parading for amusement. So embrace your head-turning costume and walk around, head high, with an alien bursting out from the chest.

No doubt, you will stun onlookers. And as long as you capture all the details, the whole fam should be satisfied.



Remember the beautiful girl imprisoned in a tower who lets down her long hair for a rescuer to climb?

Another fairy tale outfit that looks incredible with a baby carrier, Rapunzel is one Halloween costume that is perfect for dad and her long haired daughter.

You're the stone tower, and she's Rapunzel in prison. But then, she's comfy and you're probably not. Isn't it expensive for someone looked away?

But then, it's not every time you come across a tower harbouring a beautiful girl with a long golden hair who is waiting for her rescue. Oh, I almost forgot? What about the rescuer? Will he ever come forth? Don’t fret, it's just a costume!


ET and Elliot

Cutest alien about to make his homecoming at the Halloween. You won't only be satisfied with your son as ET, you may as well assume you're out of this world. Phone home now and let us know what's going on.

ET and Elliot is undeniably the coolest Halloween costume on the list for you and bub. A good way to remind everyone of the classic movie masterpiece.

How I wish you would remain on the bike. But then, you will no longer be wearing a costume. Nothwistanding, ET is perfect for the family.


Mice and Cheese

Perfect duo. Mice and Cheese is a testament to the fact that you don't have to spend through your nose to arrange for a clever babysitter for Halloween.

A brick of cheese on your head with your cute little daughter as a grey mouse is as adorable as it sounds funny.

How I wish the mice would actually play and reap off the cheese on your head. Sounds funny...right? But then, the simple idea is what make this cute outfit cheesy and unique.


Youngest Trumps

The perfect makeover when you've got two cute tots with a political vibe, and you don't mind acting secret service. This presidential podium costume is the best way to gather momentum get the masses on "their" side.

Babies for President! It doesn't matter if I don't make out anything from their "heated" debate, am still going to vote for them. Too bad, old Trump doesn't look as happy and adorable as this little cuties!


The Hangover

Playing as about Zach Galifianakis holding onto tot Tyler on Halloween couldn't be cooler than with this hilarious get-up. Though little one might not have a clue what's going on, but you can be sure daddy is feeling over the moon.

Not only is Hangover a recreation of our favourite scene in the original movie, it is one of the funniest makeover for fright night.

Finally, don't just settle for an inspiring Halloween costume, instead choose one that is comfy for your little bundle. No amount of facebook comments or Instagram likes is enough to sacrifice your child's comfort. It's just one night...so make the best of it.

Talking about the best of the best, I think all the ideas on the list are perfect, but I just can't get over the hilarious zombie family. Maybe it's because am a horror freak. Anyway just sharing my thoughts. What about you? Which costume idea stands out for you?

Let me know what you think in the comment box.


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