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The Cuddlebug Wrap allows you to nurse comfortably and discreetly anytime anywhere. With our soft stretchy fabric, you don’t have to loosen or untie the wrap to breastfeed your baby.

1. Move the shoulder strap.

2. Lower your baby into a comfortable nursing position.

3. Reach under the shoulder strap and lift your breast so your baby can latch on. (Mothers with large breasts may need to continually support the breast.)

4. For extra privacy, spread the shoulder strap to cover yourself and your baby.

Your baby should remain in a vertical position while nursing. If you prefer, you can take the baby out of the wrap and use the “x” as a cover up while you nurse.


Remember to always keep a close watch on your baby while breastfeeding and move your baby’s face away from your breast when he/she is no longer actively nursing.

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