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How To Baby Wrap: The Hug Hold

  1. Find the shoulder strap that is nearest your chest, and pull it away from your body.

  2. Then place your baby's first leg into the opening and spread the wrap from so it covers their shoulder, back, and bottom.  

  3. Spread the wrap as wide as possible under your baby’s bottom, to create a comfortable seat. It should reach the back of the baby’s knees.

  4. Place your baby’s other leg through the opposite shoulder piece. Then open and spread the fabric over baby’s bottom again.

  5. Find the logo tag, and bring your baby’s legs through the logo section.  

  6. Lift the logo section of the wrap over your baby’s bottom, back, and shoulders, all the way to their neck.  

  7. You can tuck his or her head under the shoulder portion of the wrap if you so choose, for additional support.

  8. Do a safety check, then enjoy your baby all day long!

    1. The chin is not directly pressed against your chest, and his/her face is visible.

    2. The logo section of the wrap is acting as a safety belt, and supporting the entire back and shoulders

    3. Baby is seated, with the knees above the bottom

    4. The wrap is spread evenly under the bottom, all the way to the knees

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