How To Wrap Your Baby in a CuddleBug Baby Wrap Carrier

How To Wrap Your Baby in a CuddleBug Baby Wrap Carrier


The popularity of babywearing and baby wrapping is on the rise – again. Moms all over the world are gravitating towards this traditional practice due to its many benefits for both mom and baby. In fact, mothers have been carrying their babies in wraps and slings for centuries, as a way to conserve energy by not carrying their baby in their arms, and of course, as a way to have both arms free to complete daily tasks. While most moms in Western society today are not lugging babies for miles to get water for their village or conserving every last ounce of energy due to the scarcity of a good meal, moms are busy and tired, which means they can still benefit immensely from the perks of baby wearing.

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You Want Me to Wear My Baby?

In a way – yes. Babywearing is the practice of keeping your baby (or even toddler) close to you in a variety of different baby carriers as you complete your regular daily tasks. These baby carriers can be slings, baby wraps or simply a piece of material that holds your baby against your body.  Essentially, your baby becomes part of you and allows you to move through your day with your hands-free and your baby close to you. Though the term “babywearing” may seem comical, it allows for every-day tasks to become much easier for any caregivers.

Besides the efficiency that baby wraps provide for families in less developed parts of the world, can they really do much for moms and babies in today’s Western culture? The answer is: of course! If you are a mom (or dad!) who wants to provide their child with a nurturing experience but also stay busy, then baby wraps might be a great investment for your family.

So, before committing to the idea of baby wraps and baby wearing, read ahead to learn just a few of the benefits of baby wearing.

Benefits of Wrapping Your Baby – For Baby

Babies thrive through touch-The twentieth century brought on a new idea for raising children: it is detrimental to their development to keep them close to you too often. This idea believed children would grow to be too dependent on their parents and they would become too spoiled. In more recent years, this theory was disapproved and replaced with studies that prove that children learn, grow and develop better through constant touch, love and nurturing.

Babies who are wrapped fuss less-Pediatric studies have shown that babies who are wrapped and carried are generally happier, cry less and are less fussy. These babies cry 43% less throughout the day and up to 54% less during the evening than babies who are not. This might be a winning perk if you are a mom of a fussy baby!

Babies who are wrapped sleep better-Babies who are wrapped or carried are proven to sleep better than babies who are not. Babies who are carried get twice as much REM sleep (deep sleep) and are therefore less restless throughout the night and less exhausted in the morning.

Babies who are wrapped are generally happier– Studies have shown that carrying your baby releases more oxytocin or “love hormones.” Oxytocin strengthens bonds between two people and has an anti-anxiety effect. In a nutshell, oxytocin makes for a happier baby. In addition, the presence of more oxytocin in mothers results in an increase in the production of breast milk.

Babies who are wrapped are stronger and smarter – Baby wraps and carriers promote faster and better physical and emotional development. Because your baby is held close to his mom inside of a sling or carrier, he becomes in tune with his mom’s body’s rhythms, such as her heartbeat and everyday movements. As a result, babies regulate their own physical responses. In addition, babies who are carried have faster cognitive development due to their constant stimulation.


Benefits of Wrapping Your Baby – For Mom

All moms have a lot of things to accomplish in a day, which is why carrying your baby is so beneficial for busy moms. Wrapping your baby allows moms to multitask and get things done by freeing up your hands. Some babies need extra care and attention – especially overly fussy ones – so wearing your baby allows for you to bring your baby with you while doing chores or errands and prevents them from becoming too fussy while separated from you. Wearing your baby also allows moms to go where strollers cannot: hiking, up-stairs, in small alcoves, etc.

It is easier to breastfeed
Most baby wraps and carriers also double as a way to comfortably, efficiently and discreetly breastfeed your baby. The CuddleBug Wrap is a perfect example of a baby wrap that provides moms with a great way to carry their baby, but also breastfeed anytime and anywhere.

Strengthens your emotional bond
Wearing your baby in a baby wrap strengthens the emotional bond between mom and baby due to the intimate proximity of mom and baby during the day. Mom and baby create an amazing bond by literally cuddling all day!

Baby wraps and carriers provide a sense of security for both babies and moms. Babies appreciate the security and safety of a sling as a place to retreat if afraid, overstimulated or tired. Moms enjoy this security by knowing where their baby is at all times. Baby wraps are also extremely safe by nature; if tied correctly (which is a very simple task!), then a wrap is more than supportive enough for your child. In addition, baby wraps and carriers reduce the risk of SIDS and flat-head syndrome in infants, which can occur to a baby in its crib.

Now that you are aware of a few benefits of baby wrapping, read on to learn how to wrap a baby in a CuddleBug baby wrap carrier. It is a simple process that becomes even simpler with practice and repetition. The many benefits in addition to the simple instructions make baby wearing a positive experience for both mom and baby.


Wrap Instructions

  1. Wrap the center of the baby wrap around the middle of your belly.
  2. Create an X shape with the ends across your mid/low back and bring the ends over each shoulder to the front.
  3. Make another X across your front this time, tucking the ends through the belt-like shape across your tummy.
  4. Wrap the ends around again, bringing them to your back and creating a third X across your low-back.
  5. Tie the baby wrap ends where ever they feel comfortable.

After your Cuddlebug baby wrap carrier has been secured, it is now time to allow your baby to rest in the sling. Here is how to properly place your baby in the carrier:

  1. Tuck each of your baby’s legs in each side of the X on your front
  2. Spread the wrap across your baby’s shoulders and bum
  3. Pull the belt-like section of the wrap across your baby’s back and shoulders
  4. Carry your baby!

CuddleBug Baby Wrap Carriers

Now with all your information on baby wrap carriers and how to assemble them, it is now time to buy your CuddleBug baby wrap carrier. What are some of the best features that should be on your mind? Baby wraps from CuddleBug have many benefits in addition to the generic baby wrap benefits mentioned above. Some of these perks include:

  1. CuddleBug wraps hold babies up to 35lbs
    Infants and toddlers alike can experience the benefits of babywearing. These baby carriers hold babies up to 35lbs and are equally safe for infants and toddlers.
  2. They are easy to wear and one size fits all!
    CuddleBug baby wrap carriers are one size fits all, which means that they are interchangeable. Need to share with a friend? Lose some weight after childbirth? The one-size-fits-all feature is a sure way to assure a long-lasting use.
  3. They are machine washable.
    These baby carriers are economic since they are not disposable. If your baby carrier becomes soiled, simply throw it in the wash with other clothing items.
  4. They are made of quality fabric.
    A lack of comfort is not an issue for CuddleBug baby carriers. They are made from cotton and spandex. These wraps made to feel as soft and comfortable as a blanket or clothing item for both mom and baby. There are no straps or ties involved, just the soft and quality fabric.
  5. They are simple and easy.
    As demonstrated above, properly securing your CuddleBug baby carrier is easy and can be accomplished in only a few steps. The process gets even easier with practice. This benefit gives moms the opportunity to secure their carriers even if they are low on time and in a hurry. In addition, CuddleBug baby carrier wraps come in many different colors and styles, such as the Black Baby Wrap Carrier, the Red Baby Wrap Carrier or even the Pink Polka Dot Baby Wrap Carrier so it is both simple and easy to coordinate your carrier with your outfit.
  6. Best of all – CuddleBug wraps have a lifetime guarantee!
    The best part is that all CuddleBug products have a lifetime guarantee, so they will last you and your baby – or even multiple babies! – forever.


What are you waiting for? Wrap a baby today!

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