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Our wraps and swaddles are the best that you can offer to your precious baby. Here’s why:

  • Snug and Soft - Our baby wraps are made of a cotton spandex blend which is as soft as cashmere, and has just enough stretch to keep your baby snug as a CuddleBug. Our Swaddles are made of an ultra high quality, super soft Muslin Cotton that allows your baby to remain cool, while it's comfortably swaddled all night long.
  • Absorbent – You and your baby will be comfortable, and dry due to the moisture wicking characteristics of all our material.
  • Temperature Intelligent – Our wraps insulate your little one and keep him/her warm in the winter and cool in summers. Our swaddles allow your baby to remain cool while he/she sleeps with our breathable muslin cotton, yet keep warm enough to sleep.
  • Lifetime Guarantee – All the materials used in our CuddleBug products are incredibly strong and durable, making us confident enough to guarantee all our products for a lifetime.
  • Green – Our wraps and swaddles are not just sustainable and eco-friendly but are also naturally hypoallergenic.

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